Current textbooks and anatomy of the prostate: A case for an update

Nathan Lawrentschuk, Uri Lindner, Neil Fleshner
British Journal of Urology international (BJU int) 2009, 103 (10), 1319-1322

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Electronic resources for Surgical Anatomy

Ah-Rin Anna Choi, Rodney Tamblin and Mark D. Stringer
Australian & New Zealand Journal of Surgery, 2008, Vol. 78, 1082-1091

Utilising computer based learning to complement class teaching of gross anatomy

Rudi Klein, Puspha Sinnayah, Kate Kelly, Maxwell Winchester, Gayathri Rajaraman, Norman Eizenberg. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, 27(8), 10-25, 2019



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Integrating computer facilitated learning resources into problem-based learning curricula.

Kennedy GE, Kennedy DM, Eizenberg N.
Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced learning 2001, 1(2).

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An evaluation of the use of multiple perspectives in the design of computer-facilitated learning.

Kennedy D, Eizenberg N, Kennedy G.
The Australian Journal of Educational Technology 2000, 16 (1): 13-25


Anatomedia CD wins top ATOM award

UniNEWS, Monday 14 July 2003, p.3

Bloodless dissection via CD-ROM

The Australian: Higher Education, Wednesday July 21, 1999, p.35

Congratulations! Associate Professor Norman Eizenberg

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons: Surgical News, October, 2016, p.48

Cutting edge CD to show a slice of life

UniNEWS, Monday 2 August 1999, p.1

Interactive multimedia package seen as a benchmark achievement in teaching anatomy

UniNEWS, Vol. 13, No. 3, 8-22 March 2004, pp. 4-5

Not for the faint-hearted! Medical website lets you virtually dissect dead bodies

The Daily Mail-UK, Wednesday 18 June 2014

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The body on disc

The Age, Tuesday 3 August 1999, I.T. 1 - p.2

The perfect gift of education in the time of COVID-19

The UniSA Connect, Thursday 04 June 2020

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