Practical Anatomy Guides Student w/ Bonus Gift

$37.00 USD

The most concise, comprehensive and applied written anatomy booklets on all major body regions- perfect for mobile teaching preparation, anatomy revision and exam study. These guides are instrumental to becoming confident in your anatomy knowledge as a basis for clinical practice.




N. Eizenberg & C. Briggs

These offer: 

  • 8 concise, linear and portable anatomy booklet- style anatomy guides:
    • head
    • neck
    • upper limb
    • lower limb
    • thorax
    • abdomen
    • back
    • pelvis
  • ideal reading to assist teaching preparation and student learning of anatomy
  • key anatomical principles to help understand the anatomical basis of clinical practice 
  • alignment with An@tomedia to help optimally support students in their campus-based learning, online preparation and review.  

They aim to facilitate highly effective teaching and learning by improving understanding and making anatomy memorable.

“These Guides are so clear, concise and clinically- oriented that I deeply regret not having them as an undergrad. They enable anatomy to be learned efficiently and retained” (Anatomy tutor, University of Adelaide) 

“Using the Guides as a basis for my teaching, together with An@tomedia images in my lectures was a huge help… Despite Covid-19 obstacles in 2021 I achieved excellent teaching ratings and can attribute much of this to having great resources!” (Anatomy Lecturer, Monash University).