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Download the most clear and concise anatomy text booklets for the entire body!

Perfect for portable teaching preparation, anatomy revision and exam study.

Essential for success in anatomy and preparation for clinical practice.

Practical Anatomy Guides with Bonus Gift

USD $97 (Professional) / USD $37 (Student)

/8 downloadable PDF guides (only available as bundle purchase):

  • 8 concise, linear and printable* booklet-style anatomy guides that cover:
  • The complete anatomy content of any tertiary anatomy course in just 208 pages- AMAZING!
    • Head (25 pages)
    • Neck (25 pages)
    • Upper Limb (28 pages)
    • Lower Limb (39 pages)
    • Back (5 pages)
    • Thorax (21 pages)
    • Abdomen (31 pages)
    • Pelvis (34 pages)

* Single copy printable per end user, for personal use only.

(Pictured) sample guide pages - Upper Limb

Upper limb anatomy booklet sample pages

These offer:

  • Ideal reading (as printed text or on mobile devices) to prepare for classes, revise and improve your knowledge
  • Key anatomical principles to help understand the anatomical basis of clinical practice
  • Original line diagrams to help consolidate important content
  • Alignment with An@tomedia Online to optimally support students in their campus-based learning, online preparation and review.

They aim to facilitate highly effective teaching and learning by improving understanding and making anatomy memorable.

“These Guides are so clear, concise and clinically- oriented that I deeply regret not having them as an undergrad. They enable anatomy to be learned efficiently and retained”
(Anatomy Tutor, University of Adelaide)

“Using the Guides as a basis for my teaching, together with An@tomedia images in my lectures was a huge help… Despite Covid-19 obstacles in 2021 I achieved excellent teaching ratings and can attribute much of this to having great resources!”
(Anatomy Lecturer, Monash University).

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